St. David's Day

Join us March 1st and Celebrate St. David's Day
With Traditional Welsh Fare

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Menu 2014:


Leek & Potato Soup

Welsh Rarebit
Caeriphilly cheese, Worcestshire sauce, English mustard, egg yolk
and cream, layered on ciabatta toast


Welsh Faggots and Peas with Mashed Potato
Traditional welsh recipe - liver & onion meatballs served with vegetables
and potatoes The word faggots is a corruption of fegato,

the italian for liver.

Roasted lamb with garlic, rosemary and thyme,
served with a minted gravy, vegetables and potatoes


Welsh Cakes (bakestones)

Appetizer, Entree, Dessert.....$30 per applicable taxes
Including Coffee or Tea

Reservations Recommended 519-432-2191

Welsh dishes and recipes arose out of the necessity to make do with the available ingredients and, more importantly, to make them last.Welsh food owes much to its ancient, Celtic traditions in that it has developed to satisfy the needs of hardworking men and women. Hearty and filling dishes were necessary to appease the appetites of farm labourers, coal miners, quarry workers and fishermen.

Welshcakes can be traced back in time to one of the earliest forms of baking, where a flatstone, or bakestone, would be placed onto an open fire. This stone was then used as the cooking surface for the Welshcakes, the equivalent to today's hotplate. The Welshcake mixture would be placed onto the stone and cooked first on one side and then turned to complete the cooking.

What they share is a taste of history."See, the Welsh were poor, so really, if you have a look through the books, the everyday person, they would have had a bit of fruit, a bit of sugar, a bit of flour in, and that's why they made things like this. It's like the Irish with potato cakes and the Scots with their oat cakes and things like that,"